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Within the picturesque landscapes of Warrnambool, Australia, a gripping tale unfurls. Meet Emma, a 16-year-old hailing from privilege, whose life takes an ominous twist when she falls prey to the manipulative and abusive Benny.


Against the backdrop of a sizzling Australian summer, Emma finds herself ensnared in Benny's labyrinth of deception, even as those in her circle unwittingly normalize his predatory behavior. But just as Emma summons the courage to involve the authorities, Benny vanishes, seeking refuge in America.


Left alone to mend the tatters of her existence, Emma's journey takes an unexpected turn in the year 2024. A chilling call from Valeska, Benny's former wife, disrupts her fragile peace, revealing his return to Australian soil with their two children and the ensuing custody battle abroad.


In an enthralling exploration of Emma's harrowing odyssey, this narrative delves deep into her battle with the ghosts of her past and the torment inflicted by Benny.


Yet, Emma must also grapple with the enablers of his malevolence. Seamlessly navigating between two timelines, this story unravels a web of secrets and emotional turmoil that will keep you spellbound until the final page.

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